As our special needs experts and parents have said, life is different - but is different necessarily bad? There's the struggle to understand what their child is dealing with - the diagnosis, the care, the treatment, the responsibilities. It's also a challenge to achieve emotional balance - as an individual, as a couple, as a family. Yet many parents of kids with special needs have said relationships with their children evolve to be richer and more profound than they ever knew was possible.

We've gathered information on raising children with special needs - from home to school. For example, parent and child advocate Georgina Rayner came in to our studio to advise parents on navigating the school system. We did a special on what to expect from those first months and years for parents of special needs kids - and what supports you can look for. We also discussed the gifted child who needs an IEP to help learn. Don't know what an IEP is? We explain it. What if you're not sure your child has special needs? We map out what you need to know if you start down the path of assessing your child.

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