A baby's brain is born with 100-billion neurons. That may seem like a lot, but a baby is wired at birth for just the basics: breathing, heartbeat, circulation, sleeping, sucking, and swallowing. The rest of the brain, the cerebral cortex especially, is just developing. Those neurons start connecting and, at their peak, reach up to two-million synapses a second. They call this the exuberant period. And parents play a crucial part as this development is helped along by touch, play, songs, rhymes and just plain old talking to, and with, our babies. There is so much going on in your child’s brain, and we’ve pulled together everything we’ve got on this page, from what we know about children's personalities (born or made?), to how a lack of touch inhibits a child's growth. From how bullying affects a child's brain, to how rhythm feeds a child's brain. It's not only all very exuberant. It's fascinating.