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With the election looming, you pretty much have to be a cave-dwelling Luddite to avoid hearing about it. And what’s on the tippy-top of the agenda? Education.

Last week it was faith-based schools, this week it’s full-day kindergarten. I am a strong believer in taking any promise made during an election campaign with a giraffe-worthy saltlick so I’ll stay out of the politics but I do have some thoughts on all-day kindergarten.

When my daughter was in kindergarten


I'm a new parent. New enough to relish every first my son has accomplished. First tooth. First giggle. First crawl. First steps. And I was fortunate to spend a year as a stay-at-home dad, while my family lived in South Africa.

Our adventure began at the end of August last year, when we made the 36 hour journey from Toronto to Durban, a sub-tropical city located on the shores of the warm Indian Ocean. Durban has a laid-back setting compared to the hustle-and-bustle of Johannesburg

My daughter has moved to a new school. At this new school, the thing is to eat lunch off school property. So the pressure begins.

It just so happens that I grew up in the same district and went to the same school. I have to admit that we never stayed on school property over the lunch hour—even in the third grade. I don’t even know what the lunchroom looks like. But back then we went to our own or each other’s houses for lunch. Most of the moms stayed at home and didn’t

I remember my first day of grade one - sure the snapshot of me with my yellow plastic Barbie lunchbox helps, but what I remember most of all is my coat, yes, my coat! It was this great little trenchcoat, in shiny white vinyl- too bad I can't find a similar coat now- it was so cute!

I loved the first day of school, no matter what grade. It was great seeing my friends again, and the boys I had crushes on, of course! Oh, and school supplies- I loved getting new school supplies! Did you ever