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Could Jeff Smith and a graphic novel give my son the love of reading I desperately wanted him to have?

The OTIP teaching awards recognize great teachers in elementary and secondary schools across the province.

Nearly a third of students deemed vulnerable or at risk in kindergarten did not meet provincial standards on reading, writing and math tests in grade 3. Can full day kindergarten help?


June 2-9 is Healthy Me Week. TVO is presenting a challenge to Ontario families--get out, get active and get healthy.

It's Healthy Me Week, and TVOKids wants to help parents get their families moving. 

TVOkids is revamping its successful Million Ways To Move campaign.  Kids can log onto to add their personal minutes of moving each day. As children add their minutes to the grand total their names will appear

TVOKids is recognized for its creativity and excellence in children's educational programing.

Educator Deborah McCallum wants us to teach kids to think critically before posting on social media, because those posts last forever.

An update from Matthew McCallum, an 11 year old boy living with Cystic Fibrosis.

Two girls cut their hair, raised $5,000 to make wigs for kids fighting cancer.