Friday July 4, 2014
For the 12th year in a row, CityParent readers have voted TVOKids the Best Family TV Station of the year.
CityParent is Canada’s largest group of regional parenting publications, featuring parenting advice, trends, product and events. They published the results of their 2014 “Very Best” list this month.
"We are thrilled to be selected again this year as the Best Family TV station, by parents and readers of CityParent," says Pat Ellingson, head of Children's and Parent's Media at TVO. "Having parents recognize our efforts in providing content that is fun and inspires learning in children means we are doing our job."
TVOKids content includes original programming, such as "Gisèle’s Big Backyard" and "The Space," and co-productions, including fan favourites like "Wild Kratts," "Zerby Derby" and "Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures."
Inspiring Ontario children through learning, TVOKids content airs daily on TVO from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is available anytime at

TVOKids Shows Teaching Math:
  • Math Mystery Kids can help Sam Sleuth solve her latest case and learn math skills along the way.

  • The Prime Radicals Two cousins, Alanna and Kevin, help their Uncle Norm solve his weekly workshop problems with the help of an expert and a mathematical solution.

  • Tumbletown Tales Performed entirely by small live rodents (using voices of TVOKids hosts), the show stars Tumbleweed the Hamster; the learning objective is real-world application of math.

  • Cooking with Princess P  TVOKids character Princess P cooks up recipes sent in by viewers, following precise measurements.