Monday September 9, 2013


Smart Kids Now. Smart Adults Later. 

It’s more than a campaign.  It’s the fundamental belief that children have dreams of what they’ll be when they grow up, and TVO can help get them there.  TVO is a resource for parents to help their kids with reading, math and science so they can be whatever they want.

As part of Ontario’s education eco-system, TVO creates and delivers programs and resources that help pre-school and school-aged children develop the fundamental skills required to achieve many of their dream jobs.  All kids’ content is produced with an on-staff educator, is classroom-tested and supports the Ontario curriculum.

Ontario families are investing in education outside the classroom and TVO is part of this important educational eco-system, providing access to key resources that build your child's basic learning skills through innovative programming and applications, delivered through digital media channels so the information and tools are available to you and your kids whenever you need them.

The ten future dream jobs featured at connect to the valuable educational resources that TVOKids and TVOParents provide so kids can grow their skills to grow into their dream jobs and become Ontario’s future leaders.

Check out now to see how TVO can help your kids' dreams come true!