Monday November 10, 2014

On Saturday, November 8th, TVOParents attended People for Education’s 18th annual conference. What an exciting, busy, informative day! We attended sessions, listened to panels and interviewed amazing, passionate people.



Keynote speaker Paul Tough inspired us with his talk about how to define student success. He argued that it’s not all about IQ and test scores. It’s qualities like grit, curiosity, perseverance and self-control that are most important for a child’s future success. He also said that a little failure and adversity is good for kids. Look for our interview with him later this month.


We also interviewed Ceda Verbakel, a sex educator, who gave us great tips on how to talk to kids about sex. She also shared a wonderful list of books that parents and kids can read together, which we’ll be posting too.

We were fortunate enough to speak with several parents and educators who were eager to share their ideas and opinions with us. We asked them three questions:

  1. What do you wish you learned in public school?
  2. How should we measure a child’s success?
  3. What role do parents play in their child’s education?

Their answers were varied and enlightening. Look for these videos on TVOParents in December.

We’ll also be publishing articles on how to advocate for your child with special needs, how to make schools more inclusive and why community schools may be a good idea. You’ll get insights from former principal Nancy Steinhauer, as well as Chris D’souza, a teacher and former Equity and Diversity Officer, plus many more.

We’re excited to share all this great stuff with you, so please keep checking back.