TVOParents and People for Education share a common goal - helping kids succeed. But what does that mean? Can we define success? TVOParents and People for Education are going to explore those questions and what kids need to be successful.

To start off, here's a new research report from People for Education "Doing What Matters Most" - that explores what parents, teachers, and school principals can do to help kids be the best they can be. We have posted here the full report plus the extremely useful tipsheets for you and your school.


And here is a link to the People for Education Parent Involvement toolkit - that includes translations of the report and tipsheets. We too have Why Parent Involvement Matters, which gathers our stuff on one page for you.

As part of this project on success, we have asked various experts as they come through our studio, what they think kids need for success - their answers are all varied and very interesting.

  • "It's really important to let children know that you love them and accept them for who they are..." Shelley Stagg - Peterson - Assoc. Professor, OISE
  • "Children have to find: what are their strengths, what are their interests..." Oren Amitay - Psychologist and lecturer at Ryerson University
  • "I think a child needs to know that he or she has a voice..." Larry Swartz - Author, instructor, OISE
  • "They have to have the confidence that they can learn..." Zanana Akande - Former educator and Ontario MPP
  • "I think children need to be taught to think for themselves..." Amy Leask - Author, "Think About it! Philosophy for Kids"
  • "I think that they need to have access to their world..." Eleanor LeFave - Owner, Mabel's Fables book store
  • "Being able to learn to read early..." Esther Geva - educator, OISE
  • "I think the most important ingredient is love...and empathy." Jennifer Kolari - child and family therapist
  • "I think the most important thing for children to have is focus." David Watkins - teacher
  • "I think they need to feel good about themselves." Mariella Bertelli - librarian, storyteller