What do you do with a child who wants to change the world and doesn't know where to start? Our book panel comes to the rescue with books that will nurture the budding activist in your child. Our guests are Gillian O'Reilly, author and the editor of the Canadian Children's Book News, children's author and equity officer Suzanne Muir, and Sheila Barry the Editor-in-Chief of Kids Can Press.

Add to our growing list of favourite children's books and see all the different book clubs we've done so far.

Suzanne's Picks:

Why Are All The Taxi Drivers....

By Chris D'Souza

Diverse City Strategies

On My Walk (Age: 4-8)

By Kari- Lynn Winters

Tradewinds Books

Allah Made The World

App by Suzanne Muir

(soon to be on iTunes)


Gillian's Picks:

Lily and the Paper Man (Age: 4-8)

By Rebecca Upjohn

Illustrated by Renne Benoit

Second Story Press

Keep Out! (Red Dune Adventures) (Age: 7-10)

By Helene Boudreau

Illustrated by Diane Lucas

Nimbus Publishing

Speechless (Age: Over 10)

By Valerie Sherrard

Dundurn Press


Sheila's Picks:

How to Build Your Own Country (Age: 8-11)

By Valerie Wyatt

Illustrated by Fred Rix

Kids Can Press

One Hen (Age: Over 2)

By Katie Smith Milway

Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes

Kids Can Press

Children Around the World (Age: 4-7)

Illustrated by Donata Montanari

Kids Can Press