All parents hope their kids will have friends. For children with special needs, making friends can be a challenge. Many kids with physical or learning disabilities do not get invited to birthday parties or play dates. Some don't have any friends at all. It's lonely and alienating for the children, and heartbreaking for the parents. So what can parents of special needs kids do? Cheryl Jackson talks to three moms of special needs children who share their stories and offer advice.

Ben's story - Louise’s son Ben is 18 now. But making friends has been a struggle all his life. He is in a wheelchair, and he can’t speak. In this clip, Louise talks about how hard it was for Ben to connect with other kids.

Jacob's story - Marcy’s son Jacob is 9 years old. He has PMD – which stands for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease. Like Ben, he is in a wheelchair, and he can’t speak. In this clip, Marcy talks about Jacob’s struggle to make friends.

John’s story - Mary-Lou’s son John is 16 years old. He has a severe learning disability. In this clip, Mary-Lou tells us what John experienced in an integrated school.
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Advice from the Moms:
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