Kids love the summer – there are so many different ways to play. As parents you want to make sure some of that play is active and educational. Here are some tips on things to do together as a family that are fun and provide learning opportunities.


Theme Age Activity
Educational Excursions

6 months to 5 years


6 months to
 5 years


12 months to 5 years

Visit your local public library. Children can explore a world of picture books, CDs, magazines, DVDs and stories on tape. They can find information on any topic that interests them. Getting a library card will help children to feel grown up!

Visit a farmer's market and explore the different foods available. There may be fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, baked goods, home pressed cider and honey to sample. Children get to try new things, use their senses, and learn more about where their food comes from.  

Is there a local team that plays baseball or soccer at a nearby park? This is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop their own interests in participating on a team or learn how a game is played.

Language and Literacy 6 months to 3 years

Before a nap or bedtime, enjoy reading Goodnight Moon or other bedtime stories. The mix of story and illustrations make picture books enjoyable for both adults and children.

Dramatic Play/Science/Math 2 to 5 years

Pour cool water into a basin and add toy boats, plastic people and animals that children can use to invent their own stories. Add plain ice cubes or tint them with food colouring so children can explore science concepts like colour mixing, and melting as they play. Have kids count their toys, or group them, and now they’re learning math!

Music &


6 months to 5 years



6 months to 5 years

Try listening to music from other parts of the world. Adults and children can wave colourful scarves and dance around to salsa, reggae, calypso or samba. Music can get you moving, and teach you about other cultures without ever leaving home.

Try making an orchestra by taking recycled items from around your home and turning them into instruments. Children learn so much by making music - from comparing sounds, to remembering the words to songs, and even making up their own lyrics. 

Science &


6 months to 5 years

By mixing simple household ingredients, you can create a bubble blowing solution that will provide hours of outdoor fun! All you need is 2/3 cup liquid dish washing detergent mixed with 4 cups water. Create bubble wands by threading pipe cleaners through straws. Now you’re ready to head outside and blow, pop, and chase bubbles.