Does your child know how to cross the road safely? Is your child's bicycle the right fit?  Does your child know the proper way to get on and off the school bus? Is your child securely fastened in the car seat?

TVOParents and TVOKids partnered with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to answer these questions and provide tips on how to keep your kids safe on the road.

Walking to School Safely

Whether your child is old enough to walk to school alone or you are walking with them, it’s important for the whole family to know how to walk safely. Our Walking to School Safety Tips can help.


Bike Safety for Kids

When the weather warms up, the bikes come out! How do you make life on two wheels safe and enjoyable for your kids? Our Bike Safety for Kids Tips can help.


School Bus Safety

Although injuries to school bus passengers are rare, they most often happen outside the bus as students are boarding and leaving the bus. Our School Bus Safety Tips can help.


Car Safety for Kids

Child car seats and boosters can reduce the risk of a child being injured in collisions. How do you choose and properly install a car seat? Need tips on safely buckling up your child? Our Car Safety for Kids guide can help.


Here's more on road safety from TVOKids:

Your preschooler can learn about road safety while watching "Rhoda's Road Safety Rules".



You school-age child can learn road safety rules with Fred and Nina as they go inside a video game in "Streetwise".