How can parents help to foster a love for and an understanding of music? went to the experts to ask what advice they had for parents to help make music an important part of their children's lives.

Alejandro Céspedes is a percussionist and teacher at the Regent Park school of music in Toronto. He's played in and worked with orchestras in Cuba and Canada, including the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Children Symphony Orchestra of Havana.

Alejandro's Tips:

  • Play a variety of music at home
  • Play music at home that you as the parent like and styles you don't particularly like
  • Discuss what you do and don't like about these different styles of music with your children
  • Go to live concerts, a variety of shows (Youtube is great, he says, but there's nothing like live music to inspire music learning)


Janice Reade is spokesperson for the Kanata, Ontario-based Music for Young Children (MYC). MYC is a music education approach that has expanded from its origins in Nova Scotia, Canada to having teachers around the globe.

Janice's Tips:

  • Listen to music at home, sing, play an instrument (if you do)
  • Attend your child's music classes if possible
  • Help your child with their music lesson practice at home
  • Be careful to observe
  • Be slow to criticize
  • Be quick to praise


Alex Cuba is a Cuban-Soul-Rock singer, Latin Grammy Award winner and father of three kids living in Vancouver, BC.

Alex Cuba's Tips:

  • Don't push your kids into something they don't want to do
  • Play music around the house; expose them to good music
  • Be patient with and supportive of their musical tastes
  • Offer lessons young but listen if they don't want to continue
  • When they show interest in something musical, support it


  • Walk to the Beat Your kids can pick different musical instruments to take on a walk with Gisèle and see what fun things happen in this online game teaching music.
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