You might not think about science when looking for books for your kids. After all, science belongs in a lab, right? Actually, science is all around us, and helps us understand the people, places, and things in our world. So what are the best books for kids on science?  We asked a panel of experts for their recommendations.

Science Books for Ages 2 to 6:
  • Winston of Churchill
    By Jean Davies Okimoto
  • Have You Seen Birds?
    By Joanne Oppenheim
  • Loon
    By Susan Vandegriek
  • The Big Dipper
    By Franklyn Mansfield Branley






Science Books for Ages 6 to 9:
  • Gross Universe: Your Guide to All Disgusting Things Under the Sun By Jeff Szpirglas
  • Fire!: The Renewal of a Forest By Celia Godkin
  • Who Needs a Swamp? By Karen Patkau
  • Science Verse By Jon Scieszka







Science Books for Ages 9 to 12:
  • Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It By JoAnn Deak
  • The City of Ember Series By Jeanne DuPrau 
  • Kaboom!: Explosions of All Kinds By Gillian Richardson 
  • I Found a Dead Bird: The Kids' Guide to the Cycle of Life and Death By Jan Thornhill







Our Experts:

Gillian O’Reilly is the Editor of Canadian Children’s Book News. She is the author of "Slangalicious: Where We Got That Crazy Lingo" and the co-author (with Cora Lee) of "The Great Number Rumble: A Story of Math in Surprising Places."
Larry Swartz is an author and instructor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. His latest book is "The Bully, The Bullied, The Bystander, The Brave".
Sandy Bollenbach is a primary teacher with the TDSB at Portage Trail Jr Community School. She considers it a perk of the job to be able to read and discuss great books to groups of kids every day.

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