EQAO test scores show that math scores are dropping in Ontario - they've been on the decline for five years. TVOParents asked participants at the People for Education Conference about how to improve math scores in this video:


Here are some quick highlights of what we asked, and what people said:

How do you feel about the EQAO results that show math scores are dropping in Ontario?

  • Annie Kidder, Executive Director, People for Education, says the test results show we need to make changes. She suggests working to change the idea that "math is hard" or "I’m not really a math person".
  • Jocelyn Midghall, a parent within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), feels “we’re missing the mark” and that it’s important to teach kids the basics – like numeracy and the ability for kids to count money.

How can we get more kids and parents interested in math?

  • Andrea Higgins, an elementary school teacher with the Upper Grand District School Board, says it’s important to recognize and teach math using examples in everyday life such as recognizing geometric principles in nature.
  • Jorge Ramos, another parent within the TDSB, says his school has math literacy nights where families discover math games they can do at home. “It’s sort of like sneaking vegetables into the meal,” he says.

More on math at the People for Education Conference:

  • Ontario’s Minister of Education Liz Sandals provided her thoughts on math scores, as well as technology in the classroom, aboriginal education and creating excellent schools. Read and watch here.
  • Wayne Erdman, a retired math teacher and president of of Erdman Educational Consulting, discussed how to engage children in math. Read and watch here.