Did you know it’s common for eight-year-olds to be very idealistic?

Or that four-year-olds should be able to speak in four to five-word sentences?

As our children grow there are certain markers that experts say kids should hit at certain ages.

They are called developmental milestones.

While every child is different, and there is a range of what’s normal, we have compiled lists of some of the social, emotional, physical and brain developments you can expect to see from ages 2-11.

Two Years Old Dramatically increases interest in language
Is in the “do it myself” stage
May assert self by saying “no”...more     

Three Years Old

Uses full sentences!
About 1,000 words
Asks lots of questions...more
Four Years Old Knows 6-8 colours and 3 shapes
Believes the only viewpoint is his own
Likes funny, exaggerated stories, riddles...more
Five Years Old Knows the days of the week
Begins to recognize letters and word
Expresses more feelings in words...more
Six Years Old Can count to 100
Likes doing simple household chores
Needs to be right about everything...more
Seven Years Old Wants to be first, best, perfect
Simple reading and writing
Being friends becomes increasingly important...more
Eight Years Old Keen on projects and hobbies
Brain reaching 90% of its adult weight
Is easily embarrassed...more
Nine Years Old Highly concerned about fairness
Becomes self-absorbed and introspective
Has better control over anger...more
Ten Years Old No longer learning to read, reading to learn
Difficulty following through on ideas
Does not want to be “different”...more

Eleven Years Old

Is acutely aware of the opposite sex
Enjoys games with complex rules
Is critical of parents...more