How do your children develop and why do they behave the way they do? We got some answers at the KMT Child Development and Community Conference. Physician and author, Gabor Maté, links parental stress to ADHD and other childhood problems. Developmental psychologist and author, Gordon Neufeld, emphasizes attachment and the danger of letting your kids become too peer-focused. And Jennifer Kolari gives straight forward advice on how to handle common behaviour problems. Check out the rest of the resources we've pulled together on our Child Development page.

Jennifer Kolari -
The CALM Technique & Kids' Brain
Gabor Maté -
Why Parents are so Stressed
Gabor Maté -            The Consequences of Stressed Parenting Gordon Neufeld - The Crisis of Confidence in Parenting
Gordon Neufeld -
Kids Need Us More than Friends
Gabor Maté -            How Stress Can Cause Disease Gordon Neufeld -
The Making & Unmaking of a Bully
Jennifer Kolari & Gabor Maté Q&A session
Gabor Maté - Attachment and Brain Development Tara Anchel - How the Arrowsmith Program Rewires the Brain Gordon Neufeld -
Raising Children in a Digital World
Patricia Bucci - Education for the Future
Jennifer Kolari - How Positive Parenting Affects a Child's Brain

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TVOParents digital producer Karen Bridson had a listen to Gordon Neufeld's talk on bullying, and wondered what it means to be the bully.



Albert Wisco, also a digital producer, posted a slideshow from the conference and wrote a blog on Gordon Neufeld and Today's Peer Problem.



And Sarah Michaelis, also a digital producer here at TVOParents, listened to Gabor Maté's talk...and was compelled to write Did I Get Cancer Because My Parents Yelled at Me?