Ye Olde Knight's Quest

Players make their way through a medieval maze, seeking the knighthood from the Queen that lies at the end. A print-out crest is just an added bonus!

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While Playing: 
  • Help your child read the introduction and make a coat of arms.
  • Take turns playing the game with your child, discussing obstacles in the maze.
  • Discuss the directions the little helmet needs to go to exit the maze, right, left, up, down


Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

This game targets expectations of the Ontario Curriculum at the primary grade level. It helps your child recognize and read mazes and simple maps. It also helps your child describe locations and movements on a grid.


Grade 1


  • follow directions to move or place an object in relation to another object (e.g., beside, to the right)
  • describe an object in relation to another using positional language (e.g., over, to the left of).
Grade 2


  • identify and perform translations of simple figures using concrete materials (e.g., to the left, to the right, up and down)
  • describe the specific location of objects on a grid or map (e.g., beside, to the right of).
Grade 3


  • perform rotations using concrete materials (e.g., quarter turn, half turn, three-quarter turn)
  • describe how to get from one point to another on a grid (e.g., two squares right followed by one square up).


At-Home Activities: 
  • Look at a map and discuss the legend and how landmarks are represented.
  • Make a map of your neighbourhood labelling points of interest, i.e., house, school, store, library, etc. Have your child find his/her route to school on the map.
  • Encourage your child to make his/her own maze on grid paper and challenge you to find your way out.