What is Different

Strengthen your memory skills with this great online memory game!

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While Playing: 
  • Sit with your child while he/she plays the What is Different game.
  • Take turns trying to find the differences in the pictures.
  • Take turns finding the differences in the different scenarios.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

The What is Different online game is a great way for your child to strengthen his/her memory skills. This activity helps children increase their focus and attention, and is a fun way to exercise your brain!  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Language: Reading

Read and recognize a variety of text forms (including graphic texts), text features, and stylistic elements and demonstrate undersatnding of how they help communicate meaning.


At-Home Activities: 
  • Print out the activity sheets located in the "printable" area, and find the differences between the scenes.
  • Make your own What's Different worksheets. Have your child make one scene, then make a duplicate scene but with some differences. For example, maybe in one picture you can draw a yellow sun, and the other picture would feature an orange sun. Make these for each other.
  • Play What is Different with objects. Set up a bunch of objects on the table or floor. Have a friend or sibling or caregiver study the scene of objects. While they have their eyes closed, change the scene of objects slightly. With eyes opened, they have to guess what you changed. Take turns!