Walk to the Beat With Gisele!

Pick instruments for Gisele's walk, and see what fun things happen!

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While Playing: 
  • If you can, sit with your child while he/she is playing.
  • Talk about the different instruments that your child is choosing, such as, "What are you going to choose after the harp?"
  • Talk about the different sounds that the instruments are making, such as, "Did you think the harp would make that sound?"
  • Talk about the animations that you see while you hear the different instruments, for example, "Tia floating away with her umbrella is funny!"
  • Experiment with the game. For example, see what happens if you choose all electric guitars, or if you leave some spots blank.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing Walk to the Beat with Gisele helps your child meet different learning goals, one of which is:

The Kindergarten Program

The Arts: Music

Demonstrate basic knowledge and skills gained through exposure to music and music activities.

At-Home Activities: 
  • There are so many activities that you can do at home to extend the learning from this game even further for your child!
  • Make your own instruments. Use found items such as empty margarine tubs, elastic bands, dried beans, and empty cardboard tubes to create as many different kinds of instruments as you can. Once the instruments have been made, use them to play along to different pieces of music, or create your own original score!
  • Together with your child choose a few different genres of music (classical, rock, pop, etc.) Choose one song per genre to play. Encourage your child to draw while listening to the music, using different art materials and large paper. Make sure you draw too! Once you are done listening to all the songs, compare your drawings, and talk about how the different kinds of music made you feel.