Tumbleweeds Math Maze

Help Tumbleweed get to the end of the maze by answering arithmetic questions.

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While Playing: 
  • Take turns with your child, either one turn each or one game each.
  • Have paper and pencil ready should your child need them to calculate the answers.
  • Use a number line or counters with a younger child who may need concrete examples of the question to form an answer.
  • Keep a tally of how many addition, subtraction, and multiplication questions it takes for each game.
  • Take turns predicting the roll of the die.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Tumbleweed's Math Maze encourages your child to develop proficiency in addition, subtraction, and multiplication while playing a delightful version of an old favourite, "Snakes and Ladders."

Tumbleweed's Math Maze focuses on the following curriculum expectations of the Ontario Math Curriculum:

Number Sense and Numeration

3. Solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of one-and two-digit whole numbers, using a variety of strategies, and investigate multiplication and division.


At-Home Activities: 
  • Use various concrete materials found around the house as counters for addition and subtraction (e.g., pieces of fruit, cutlery, crayons, etc.).
  • Sing the multiplication tables with your child. These might be available on a children's cassette for car use.
  • Go on a "Numbers Walk" and look for numbers used in many ways throughout your neighbourhood. Ask your child why the numbers are important.