Triangle Alley

Help Tumbleweed and Daisy pack items in boxes. Make sure everything fits!

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While Playing: 
  • Challenge your child to a "shape-off"! Set the timer and see who can finish the puzzle sooner.
  • See if your child can complete the puzzle without using the "hint" button. If your child is reliant on the "hint" button, challenge him/her to use the button a certain amount of times (e.g., only three times).
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

This activity will help your child with problem solving, geometry, spatial sense, trial and error and estimation. This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Math: Geometry and Spatial Sense

Identify two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures and sort and classify them by their geometric properties.

Solve problems requiring two dimensional shapes needed to compose a larger shape in a variety of ways (e.g. to cover an outline puzzle).

At-Home Activities: 
  • You can print each one of these puzzles right from our site! If you click the "extras" button you will find the puzzles from the online activity in printable format. Click and print, cut out the shapes, and put the shape puzzles together!
  • Need a fun art activity? Go through some fun magazines with your child, and ask him/her to select a page to use for his/her puzzle. Glue the picture onto thin cardboard (a file folder or an empty cereal box should be fine). Once the glue is dry, cut the picture into different geometric shapes. Pass the puzzles around and figure out and put each other's puzzles back together again!