It is amazing how different adjectives change a sentence! Explore nouns and adjectives with this unique sentence-building game.

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While Playing: 

Play Spin-a-Tale with your child. Take turns clicking around the wheels to view the different verbs, nouns and adjectives. Read the end sentences out loud to each other.

Try all the different options, and discuss which one is the funniest!

Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing Spin-a-Tale helps your child meet many different learning expectations across various grades, including the following: Language Grade One: Use parts of speech appropriately to communicate their meaning clearly, with a focus on the use of: nouns for names of people, places and things; the personal subject pronouns; verbs to tell what they do and feel; some adjectives.

At-Home Activities: 

Have fun with parts of speech! Play the noun guessing game. Think of a person, place or thing in your mind, and ask someone else to guess the item. Give them the chance to ask 20 different questions to try to figure out your item. When your friend figures out your noun, then your friend chooses a noun for you to guess.

Play the "Missing Parts of Speech" game! It's easy! Find a paragraph from your favourite book, and copy it down on a piece of lined paper, making sure to skip lines, and making sure to leave out specific nouns, verbs and adjectives. Write the part of speech under the word that is missing. For example, if you took the word, "tree" out of the paragraph, leave a blank space where the word would go, and write the word "noun" under the missing word. Once you have copied the paragraph onto a piece of paper with the missing words, pass it on to a family or a friend to fill in. Read the paragraph out loud once they have finished, then read the paragraph from the book with the words that are supposed to be in the text.