Spelling Bee

Practice your spelling skills here, with the Spelling Bee!

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While Playing: 
  • You can help your child get turned on to spelling by engaging them with the Spelling Bee game. The best thing you can do is play the game with your child!
  • Take turns. Have your child spell the first word, then you have a turn. See how many words you can get correct as a team.
  • Designate a "speller" and a "typist". The speller tells the typist the letters to enter
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

The Spelling Bee game is a great way for your kids to practice their spelling skills! Fun, interactive and engaging, this activity helps your kids spell words appropriate for their grade level, and also introduces them to new words and definitions!  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Language: Writing

Spell familiar and unfamiliar words using a variety of strategies that involve understanding sound-symbol relationships, word structurs, word meanings and generalizations about spelling.


At-Home Activities: 
  • Reading and spelling games can be lots of fun! Find 10 words from your child's favourite book, and write each one on an index card. Make an identical second set. Decorate the plain side with markers or stickers, to create your own set of memory cards. Place word-side down, and take turns trying to match the same words. Add more words once the first 10 are mastered.
  • Challenge your child by playing "Spell That Word". Using a dictionary appropriate for your child's level (ask your child's teacher if you are uncertain), take turns flipping to a page and asking each other how to spell certain words on the page.