Sagwa's Web Quest

Play great, challenging games while learning all about Chinese history, celebrations, customs and culture!

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Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Sagwa's Web Quest introduces your child to Chinese cultures and customs through a variety of games in this mini-site.  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Social Studies: Heritage and Citizenship

Traditions and Cultures: Explain the significant traditions and celebrations of families from a variety of cultural traditions.




At-Home Activities: 
  • Go to the local public library in your neighbourhood with your child and look for books on Chinese culture and customs- including visual art, music, dress, and food.
  • Find some tapes or CDs of Chinese music and listen to it with your child.
  • Find a Chinese recipe book, and make some of the recipes with your child.
  • Visit your local Asian food market with your child, and compare the foods found there with the general grocery store.
  • Compare the information you learned through Sagwa's Web Quest with the information you found in the books from the library.