Rhyme Time

Listen to Gisele recite famous nursery rhymes with the help of fun and interactive animations.

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While Playing: 
  • Once the nursery rhyme is done, ask your child to retell the story in his/her own words. Allow your child to click on the animations as they retell the series of events.
  • Look at the words in the nursery rhyme again. Ask your child if he/she can identify any of the words. Click on the word to see if he/she is correct. Ask your child how they knew what the word said.
  • Is your child using rhyming pattern or beginning letter sound strategies? Use this knowledge to help your child decode other words.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Read your favourite nursery rhymes along with Gisele! Classics such as “Hickory Dickory Dock” are fantastic for your child. Rhyming and alliteration are key to learning reading and writing. Rhyme Time not only focuses on literacy skills, it's fun to play with language and animate the characters with just a click of your computer mouse! This activity helps your early learner meet the following expectation of the Ontario Kindergarten Program:


1. Communicate by talking and by listening and speaking to others for a variety of purposes and in a variety of contexts

1.1 Explore sounds, rhythms, and language structures, with guidance and on their own

At-Home Activities: 
  • Find words that your child recognizes each time. Identify how or why you child can identify the word. If he/she uses rhyming, try to brainstorm other words that fit that sound pattern (e.g., clock, dock, tock, sock). If your child uses the starting letter, think of words that start with same letter (e.g., mouse, mom, me, mouth).
  • Take an old catalogue and have your child look through the pictures. Challenge your child to find and cut out pictures that rhyme (e.g., toy-boy; clock-block). Have your child paste the pictures on a piece of paper to show that rhyming words are found in many places. Be sure to add to the collection when other catalogues, magazines or fliers come to your home.
  • Visit your local library and take out illustrated books that have the poems/nursery rhymes. Ask your child to point out differences in the illustrations between the print and online versions.