Quel Temps Fait-Il?

Learning all about dressing for the weather in French is fun with Lulu!

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While Playing: 

*Play with your child!

*Guide your child through the game with Lulu. For example, ask, "what is the weather like outside? Let's see which one it is." When your child selects the correct picture, repeat the French words, such as, "that's right, il fait du soleil!"

*Do the same thing as above while finding the right clothing, such as, "oops, no, that's not 'les bottes', try again!"

Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Quel Temps Fait-Il? Is a super way to introduce your child to the French language in a fun and meaningful way! Lulu, a cousin of Sticks the Squirrel is in the Big Backyard and needs help getting dressed for the weather. Your child will first be asked to identify the weather, in French, and then will be asked by Lulu, again in French, to help her find the correct items. This activity helps your child reach oral language expectations of the French as a Second Language curriculum, as it is set out by the Ministry of Education.

At-Home Activities: 

*Learning another language can be really fun with flashcards!

*Cut out pictures from magazines that have meaning to your child, such as foods, vehicles, toys etc. 

*Glue the pictures onto some light cardboard, such as an empty cereal box.

*On the back of the cardboard write the French translation for the picture. For example on the back of a picture of orange juice, write, 'jus d'orange'. 

*Take turns showing each other the flashcards.