Polkaroo's Polka Dot Shorts

Can you find the polka dot sequence that Polkaroo wants you to find? Look carefully to match the sequence!

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While Playing: 
  • Take turns playing with your child. See how many sequences you can find when you work as a team.
  • Have your child point out the sequence in the polka dots for you while you click, then reverse the tasks!
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

This activity helps your 2-5 year old use his/her observation skills to match sequences. Observation is a precursor to later science skills, and matching sequences is a precursor to later patterning skills.  This activity meets many learning expectations, one of which is:


Explore, recognize, describe, and create patterns, using a variety of materials in different contexts.



At-Home Activities: 


  • Here's a great musical patterning idea for you! You can play this game with as many kids as you'd like. Stand in a circle, and choose someone to go first. Ask each child to put together a three-step musical pattern (such as clap, snap, clap). Parade around the room while repeating the patterns!
  • Go for a walk around the neighbourhood and keep track of the patterns you see using a journal and drawing/colouring supplies. Make sure to include the shapes of the patterns you see!