Pirates: Maps and Traps!

Pirates: Maps and Traps is an exciting adventure game, that helps to teach your children about direction, while challenging them to use memory skills and problem-solving skills in order to navigate their ship through unknown waters to get to the treasure.

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While Playing: 
  • Studies have shown that when you play educational games with your children, you help to build important connections which will later serve in helping them achieve success in school and in life.
  • Take turns playing Pirates: Maps and Traps with your child. Keep track of how many tries it takes both of you to find the treasure.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Pirates: Maps and Traps helps your children strengthen their problem-solving and memory skills while teaching them about the cardinal directions; North, South, East and West.

This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Math: Geometry and Spatial Sense

Identify and describe the location of an object using the cardinal directions and a coordinate system.

At-Home Activities: 

Make your own Pirates: Maps and Traps game! 

Print out 2 copies of the maps found in the "View the Guide" area.  Not only is this a great game to play with a friend or family member, it also helps strengthen graphing skills!

Have a Treasure Hunt!

  • Choose an item to be your "treasure", such as a stuffed toy.
  • Hide the "treasure" somewhere in your home, or in the room that you are in.
  • Draw a map, or write a list of directions that will help another person find the "treasure".
  • See how long it takes someone to find the "treasure" using your map or list of directions.
  • Take turns hiding the "treasure".