Out of Order

Help Lisa Mona put her pictures in the right order. Each series of pictures tells a story! This game helps your child develop his/her early storytelling skills.

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While Playing: 
  • Sit with your child while playing, and take turns.
  • Change players with each new delivery!
  • While you're playing discuss what you are doing with your child. Ask questions like, "Which picture do you think goes first?" or "which is the last picture?" "how do you know that is the last picture?
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing the Out of Order game, helps your child meet many learning goals, on of which is the following:

The Kindergarten Program


Use reading strategies that are appropriate for beginning readers in order to make sense of a variety of written materials.


At-Home Activities: 

Have fun with storytelling!

  • Photocopy a picture from a comic book (that is at your child's reading level). You can find great comic books and graphic novels at your local public library. If you can, copy it in colour, if that is unavailable, take a few minutes colouring in some of the panels with your child.
  • Cut the panels of the comic strip, so that they are individual boxes.
  • Turn them onto the table picture side down.
  • Flip over one panel at a time, trying to put the page back in order!