Music Maker

Make your own awesome music with the Music Maker! Drag the musicans to the stage, give them solos, play with the controls, and record your song!

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While Playing: 
  • Take turns playing Music Maker with your child, you might just discover your inner DJ!
  • Experiment with the volume and balance controls, and the many different instruments that you can add to your masterpiece in order to create your very own song!
  • While you're playing, talk to your child about his/her selections. Talk about the different beats, rhythms, and sounds that all the different instruments make.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing the Music Maker game helps your child meet many different learning goals across different grades, including the following:


Creating and Performing: apply the creative process to create and perform music for a variety of purposes, using the elements and techniques of music


At-Home Activities: 
  • Have a dance party at your house!
  • Use CDs that you have around the house, or that you have taken out from your local library.
  • Choose a DJ, (take turns, of course) and have a great time!
  • Talk about the different kinds of music that you are listening to with your child, commenting on why you like a particular type of music, and what you don't like and why.