Mirror Mystery

The magic mirror challenges you to use his clues to find the mystery person he's thinking about.

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While Playing: 
  • Support your child with hints, but also allow him/her to experiment and make mistakes.
  • Ask your child if any of the musical intermission pieces are familiar to them. Try to demonstrate where you may have heard these famous operatic pieces in your life (movie; commercial; ring tones).
  • Listen to the opera plots carefully. Try to share books, television shows or movies that have similar characters or plot lines.


Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

This activity will help your child read clues to solve a problem, while also learning different singing styles and different musical formats. This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, some of which are:

Language: Reading
Read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary, graphic, and informational texts, using a range of strategies to construct meaning.

The Arts: Music

Exploring forms and cultural contexts: demonstrate an understanding of a variety of musical genres and styles from the past and present.

At-Home Activities: 
  • Go to your local library and find Aida and The Magic Flute operas in the children's sections. Try to find similarities and differences between the TVOKids illustrations and those in the books.
  • Listen to the opera at home! Many libraries contain compact discs of recorded performances. There are even English only versions of performances.Listen to the Queen of the Night sing her aria.Listen to the Barber of Seville show his pride in "Figaro'. Share your amazement at the passion in the voices. Challenge your child to imagine themself in the audience--what would they see on stage?