Melvin's Marvellous Stories

Melvin's Marvelous Stories is a great early reading activity that helps teach your child high frequency words.

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While Playing: 

Studies have shown that having an active role in your child's education improves his/her chances for future academic success.

  • Play the game with your child while he/she sits on your lap, or next to you.
  • Take turns finding the missing word from the sentence.
  • Take turns reading the word options out loud to each other.  
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing Melvin's Marvelous Stories will help to strengthen your child's early-reading skills. Words are highlighted on the page while they are being read aloud by Gisele. High frequency words are the focus of the text, which will succeed in helping your child become familiar with these specific words, and will give them confidence while they learn to read.

Playing Melvin's Marvellous Stories wil help your early learner learn the following expectation of the Ontario Kindergarten Program:


3. Use reading strategies that are appropriate for beginning readers in order to make sense of a variety of written materials

3.1 Begin to use reading strategies to make sense of unfamiliar texts in print (e.g., use pictures; use knowledge of oral language structures, of a few high-frequency words, and/or of sound-symbol relationships)

At-Home Activities: 

What is your child's favourite story? Create a "Melvin's Marvelous Story" using your child's favourite book.

  • Write out the words to your child's favourite story on a large piece of paper. (Choose a short story)
  • Once you have the words written out, read the story out loud with your child, following along each word using a long pointer like a wooden spoon. Have your child point to the words also as you read them out loud.
  • Here comes the fun part! Using "Stickies", cover over one word in each sentence while your child hides his/her eyes.
  • Read the story again together. Have your child guess what the hidden word is. Take turns hiding the words.

Play Melvin's Marvelous Words online at Gisele's Big Backyard!