Magie Gi

Magical Magie Gi shows you the wonderful world of French with her great tricks. 

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While Playing: 
  • While you and your child are looking for the items in the different environments, keep reminding your child what you are looking for by saying things like, "What are we looking for again?" Or "Are we looking for fille?"
  • Take turns finding the different objects that Magie Gi is asking your child to find.


Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

The Magie Gi online activity is a great way to introduce your children to basic French vocabulary while they play in the different exploratory environments!

This game meets many expectations from the Ontario Full Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program, one of which is:


Communicate by talking and by listening and speaking to others for a variety of purposes and in a variety of contexts.


At-Home Activities: 
  • To enhance the Magie Gi experience, bring the learning into your kid's life- go to the park and point out "les fleurs" or "les arbres".
  • Take out some French books from the library for you and your child to read together!
  • Try to use the new French words that your child is learning with Magie Gi wherever and whenever you can.