A Lotta Dessert

It's delicious learning all about patterning with Lotta's A Lotta Dessert game!

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While Playing: 
  • Sit with your child while he/she plays the game
  • Take turns choosing the items for your dessert parfait
  • Have a converation with your child while playing. Make sure to ask questions like, "what fruit goes next in the pattern?"
  • Also talk about the different colour patterns you see while using the different kinds of fruit
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing the game A Lotta Dessert helps your child accomplish many learning goals one of which is the following:

The Kindergarten Program

Math: Patterning

Explore patterns in the natural and built environment (e.g., patterns in the design of buildings, in flowers, on animals' coats)

At-Home Activities: 
  • The yummiest way to extend the learning from this game is by recreating A Lotta Dessert at home!
  • Go to the grocery store with your child and together select fresh, healthy ingredients for your dessert parfaits.
  • Choose from yogurt, fruit and nuts.
  • When you get home, talk about what kind of pattern you are going to make for your parfait using your ingredients.
  • Make the parfaits and eat them! Yummy and educational!