Loosey Goosey Rhymes

Help Jay find the missing letters for the Loosey Goosey rhymes!

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While Playing: 
  • Play the game with your child on your lap, or sitting next to you
  • Ask your child which letter fits best into the poem
  • Talk about the sound that each letter makes
  • Take turns working your way through the rhymes
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Loosey Goosey Rhymes introduces your kids to traditional, well-know nursery rhymes, while helping them strengthen oral literacy and reading skills.

This game meets many expectations from the Ontario Full Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program, including:


Use reading strategies that are appropriate for beginning readers in order to make sense of a variety of written materials.


At-Home Activities: 
  • Find different nursery rhyme books at your local library, which have some of the rhymes that you would find in the Loosey Goosey Rhymes game
  • Find musical renditions of the nursery rhymes that you can play for your child in the car, or while having a bath at home
  • Play rhyming games with your child. For example, take turns finding rhyming words for the word, "big". Write them down on a piece of paper, and have your child draw a picture for each word.