Keyboard Climber 2

It's important to know where the letters of the alphabet are found on a keyboard. With Keyboard Climber, you can practice learning the placement of the letters, as well as which hand types the letter! And it's fun!

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While Playing: 

Studies have shown, that when you play with your child you help to create good, solid connections with your child. Studies have shown, that these connections can help your child be more successful academically. So, take the time, and sit with your child to play a round of Keyboard Climber!

Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Keyboarding skills are essential to today's day and age. Even though your child will not formally be taught keyboarding until later on in his/her academic career, here at TVOKids, we know your kids are on the computer, and we want to make sure that we give them a headstart on their keyboarding skills!  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:


Communicate in writing, using strategies that are appropriate for beginners

At-Home Activities: 

Practice make perfect!

  • Print a copy of the attached worksheet found in the "View the Guide" area, and practice the list of letters and words with a word processing tool on the computer. Time your child and mark for accuracy for extra fun!