Jay Jay's Jam

Do you know what instrument makes that sound? Learn all about instruments and their sounds while you play Jay Jay's Jam!

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While Playing: 

*Studies have shown that interacting with your child while they play creates meaningful connections for your child.

*Sit with your child while he/she plays Jay Jay's Jam.

*Take turns guessing which instrument you hear.

*Provide feedback for your child by saying something like, "wow, I can't believe that instrument made that sound" or "did you think that instrument was going to sound like that?" or "this is a percussion instrument!"

Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing Jay Jay's Jam helps your child meet expectations of the Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum, specifically in the personal and social development and music areas of the curriculum.  This game meets many expectations from the Ontario Full Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program, one of which is:

The Arts: Music

Demonstrate basic knowledge and skills gained through exposure to music and music activities.  Explore different elements music.

At-Home Activities: 

*Print out the worksheets for the "Sound Journal"  found at the top of this page in the box labelled "Printable Activity Sheets".

*Go on a walk around your neighbourhood, grocery store, library or park. List the different sounds that you hear in that environment, and draw a picture of what you think makes that sound. 

*Make your own instruments at home using elastic bands, empty paper rolls or tissue boxes, empty plastic tubs, rice and anything else you think would make a good instrument.