Jackie's School of Dance

Playing Jackie's School of Dance introduces your child to a whole bunch of great dance moves that are easy to follow along, and super fun!

While Playing: 
  • Come on! It hasn't been that long since you used to dance! Move the furniture to the side, turn your speakers up on your computer, and boogie with your kids while you play Jackie's School of Dance.
  • Take turns making different dances using the "Dance Maker" tool.
  • Follow along with the dance steps as best as you can! 
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Get up and get moving! Jackie's School of Dance teaches your child some great moves that are easy to do, and fun to learn. This activity can get your child moving every day of the week, and fits in with the mandate for Daily Vigorous Physical Activity as mandated by the Ministry of Education for Ontario.  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, some of which are:

The Arts: Dance

Creating and presenting: apply the creative process to the composition of dance phrases, using the elements of dance to communicate feelings and ideas.

Health and Physical Education: Active Living

Participate actively and regularly in a wide variety of physical activities, and demonstrate an understanding of the value of regular physical activity in their daily lives.

At-Home Activities: 
  • Your kids will love to watch you dancing and having fun, after all, it wasn't that long ago that you yourself were playing music and dancing around your house.
  • Put on dance shows for each other, you for your kids and your kids for you. Make sure to draw up some "tickets", maybe even create a "set", find a snazzy costume, choose some funky tunes, and show your kids your special dance moves! The eighties were full of good grooves!
  • Visit your local library and find DVDs or VHS recordings of dances you can learn. Watch and do them with your kids!