Healthy Body Game

Keep Sammi and LT healthy by giving them what they need before the time runs out.

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While Playing: 
  • Sit with your child while playing, and take turns.
  • Answer the quiz questions together.
  • Ask questions about the game while you are playing, such as: "Why do you think they need more water than sleep?" or, "What do you think will happen if he doesn't get enough exercise?"
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

The Healthy Body Game helps your child learn about the importance of drinking water, eating healthy foods, exercise and getting a good night's sleep.

This game meets many expectations of the Ontario curriculum in multiple grades, one of which is:

Science- Understanding Life Systems

Analyse the impact of human activities on human health.

At-Home Activities: 
  • Visit the grocery store with your child. While going through the store, ask question related to the various food groups (such as, "Here are crackers, which food group do they go in?"). While in the grocery store, talk about items that you could combine in order to make a healthy dinner that uses different items for various food groups.
  • Keep active with your child! Make a plan to walk to or from school, or to go for a family walk after a meal.
  • Is your child a good sleeper? If not, try to find ways to help him/her sleep better. Deep breathing exercise, quiet relaxing music, or reading before bed are just a few ideas to help you help your child become a better sleeper.
  • Does your family consume a lot of juice and/or soda? Challenge your family to The Water Challenge! At least once a day, substitue water for another beverage. Drinking water helps your body systems stay healthy.