Gisele and the Letter Tree

Uh oh! A Letter has gone missing from the Letter Tree! Help Gisele find it as you read this interactive e-book!

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While Playing: 
  • Sit with your child while you play Gisele and the Letter Tree.
  • Have your child do as many of the interactions as he/she can, and talk about what you see on the screen while playing.
  • Encourage your child to sing along with Gisele, while she sings the ABCs.
  • Encourage your child to click on the items that sparkle on the individual pages.
  • When you feel that your child is ready to start reading on his/her own, encourage him/her to choose that option on the first screen.
  • Remind your child that to touch a word to hear it read out loud.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing Gisele and the Letter Tree helps your child practice many different learning skills, one of which is:

The Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program


Demonstrate an interest in reading

At-Home Activities: 
  • There are many different ways for you to explore the joy of reading with your child at home!
  • Go to your local library. There are so many wonderful resources available for you and your child at your local library.
  • Encourage your child to pick out his/her own books to bring home.
  • Make a book together! You can use photos, cut out pictures from a magazine, or colour and draw your own to illustrate your story.
  • Encourage your child to tell the story, and help him/her write the words (depending on your child's skill level).
  • Organize a book club with some neighbourhood friends.
  • Get together once a week for a special reading time program- each week a different member chooses books and hosts the program!