Explore the Night with Tia

Discover the creatures and wonders of the world at night with Tia.

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While Playing: 
  • Sit with your child while playing Explore the Night with Tia
  • Take turns finding the different stickers
  • Take turns choosing which tool to use to  find each item
  • Talk to your child about where he/she would see the night time items, for example: "Where do you think the owls will be?" or "Would we use the magnifying glass to see the moon?"
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing Explore the Night with Tia helps your child meet many expectations of the Ontario Kindergarten Program including the following:

Science and Technology

Demonstrate an understanding of the natural world and the need to care for and respect the environment

At-Home Activities: 

Go exploring with your child! He/she will love it, and so will you!

  • Find a magnifying glass (you can find them at the dollar store), bring a camera if you have one, and a notebook.
  • Go on a nature hike and take photos and notes of the animals and insects you see around you.
  • Go on the same nature hike on a different day, but at a different time of day, and jot down the different animals and insects you see in the same notebook.

There are many wonderful places to explore!

  • Dig in the sand with your child, going as deep as you can, and talk about how the sand looks different the deeper you go.
  • Turn over a big rock in a garden, park, or conservation area, and look at all the wonderful insects that live under the rock.
  • Take an empty plastic container with you to an area with a pond or stream and take a scoopful of the water. Talk about what you see in the water.

Go star gazing!

  • Get a blanket and lay outside with your child at night in a park, your yard, or your balcony.
  • Talk about the different sounds you hear.
  • Try to count the stars you see!