Clip Clop Puzzler

If you love crossword puzzles, or any word puzzle for that matter, then Clip Clop Puzzler is for you! Not only will this game help you increase your vocabulary, it will also make you a speedy speller!

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While Playing: 

Play Clip Clop Puzzler with your child, making sure to take turns. Either you can take turns going letter by letter, or you can take turns going word by word- whichever method suits your child's level. Talk about what you are doing while you play. Ask you child questions like, "What do you think that is a picture of?" Or, "Right, that's a picture of a tent. What letter does 'tent' begin with?"

Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

This activity helps your child improve vocabulary skills. This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, some of which are: Language: Writing Spell unfamiliar words using a variety of strategies that involve understanding sound-symbol relationships, word structures, word meanings, and generalizations about spelling

At-Home Activities: 

Encourage your child to make up his/her own crossword puzzle that you will try to solve! Make a crossword puzzle together with your child for another family member to solve.