Castle Constructor

Create your own castle! Print out each piece and build it yourself!

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While Playing: 
  • Sit with your child while he/she is designing a castle using "Castle Constructor", and ask questions such as, "How many turrets are you going to add?" or "Why did you choose the stone door and not the wooden door?"
  • Help your child cut out the various patterns for the castle. Then help him/her put the pieces together to complete the castle!
  • After your child has finished his/her castle, design your own castle, and ask your child to help you put it together. You could make this a family activity by encouraging all members of the family to design and construct their own castles.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Come to Castle Constructor to learn how to build a castle! Children choose from different castle elements in order to create their dream castle. Once the design is done, print out each item and follow easy step-by-step instructions to create a model of the online castle.  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Science & Technology: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

  • demonstrate awareness that structures have distinctive characteristics
  • design and make structures that meet a specific need
  • classify various structures in their environment (e.g., fences, stairs, ladders, bridges, water towers) according to specific features (e.g., size, materials) and functions
  • design and make different structures using concrete materials, and explain the function of the structure (e.g., a toy bridge, a slide for testing a marble)
  • use appropriate natural and manufactured materials to make structures (e.g., cut paper, mix sand and water, combine pipe cleaners, use moulding clay)
  • use tools appropriately when joining and shaping various materials (e.g., nails, glue, sandpaper).
  • explain the function of a structure that they have made and describe how they made it (e.g., a bridge, a castle
At-Home Activities: 
  • Castles are really cool! Go to your local public library or use Internet resources to discover more about castles. For a hands-on, up-close experience, visit Casa Loma, located in Toronto.
  • Once your child has built his/her castle, encourage him/her to decorate the castle by building furniture for it!
  • A castle needs people! Using round, wood clothes pins, markers, fabric, etc. make each clothes pin into a person