Build Math City

Building Math City using different 3D solids is tons of fun!

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While Playing: 

*Take turns with your child making different buildings while you Build Math City

*While playing talk about the different faces of the 3D solids. For example, ask your child what shape each face is, and how many of that shape they can see in the solids.

Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

When your child plays Build Math City, he will learn all about 3D solids and how they relate to 2D shapes. He will also learn about the properties of the 3D solids; faces, edges and vertices. This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Math: Geometry and Spatial Sense

Construct three-dimensional figures using two-dimensional shapes.   

At-Home Activities: 

*There are tons of fun things you can do at home to help your kids learn all about 3D solids and 2D shapes.

*Go for a walk around your neighbourhood, looking at different structures, like buildings, houses and mailboxes, and have your child figure out which solids make up that structure. Once they have figured out the solids, have your child figure out which 2D shapes make up the faces of the 3D structures.

*Take empty cartons, cereal boxes, plastic bottles etc, decorate them and create your own little city!