The Bodies vs Boffo

Boffo has infected the Bodies menu planner with a computer virus! Help restore the different foods groups and challenge a friend to beat your high score. 

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While Playing: 
  • Include your children in meals you prepare for them both at school and at home. From helping select foods from the various food groups from the grocery store, to helping select a recipe, to helping you make the meal itself.This helps give kids ownership and responsibility over their own health, and their food choices.
  • Bodies vs. Boffo helps to teach your kids about the importance of eating a diet consisting a variety of foods from all different food groups in order to help keep their bodies as healthy as possible. Reinforce this learning by trying new foods, and encouraging them to do so as well!


Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

This activity will help your child learn all about different foods belonging to the food groups as mandated in Canada's Food Guide. This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Health and Physical Education: Healthy Living

Making Health Choices - Healthy Eating:  describe how the food groups in Canada’s Food Guide (i.e., vegetables and fruit, grain

products, milk and alternatives, meat and alternatives) can be used to make healthy food choices.


At-Home Activities: 
  • Have a potluck party! Invite some friends over for lunch, making sure that each person brings a different home-made dish. The trick is to have all the food groups represented at the potluck lunch!
  • Keep a food journal. Track the foods that you eat to make sure that you are eating a good combination of all the different food groups.