Big Wig Sub Shop

How many number combinations can you make that all add up to the same number?

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While Playing: 
  • Take turns playing with your child. The Big Wig Sub Shop game will help your child develop accuracy for basic math operations.
  • See how many different number combinations you can make within the time alloted. 
  • Encourage your child to look for number patterns while finding the different combinations.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing Big Wig Sub Shop is really fun and entertaining, and also teaches your child numeracy skills, specifically matching expectations in the number sense and numeration strand of the Ontario Math Curriculum.  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades - one of which is:

Math: Number Sense and Numeration

Solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of whole numbers using a variety of strategies.

Compose and decompose numbers in a variety of ways, using concrete materials (e.g. 7 can be decomposed using connecting cubes into 6 and 1, or 5 and 2)

At-Home Activities: 
  • Make your own sub shop game at home!
  • Cut out a variety of "toppings" using different coloured construction paper, or pictures of food from a food flyer or magazines.
  • Make a bun using light brown construction paper.
  • Using a deck of playing cards, take out all the cards between 2 and 10, and turn them face down.
  • Taking turns, flip over the top card.
  • Using the cut out toppings, make combinations that equal the number on the card. For example, if you draw the number 5, you can put 3 pickles and 2 tomatoes on your sub.
  • For some extra oomph, set an egg timer to 2 minutes, and see how many cards you can complete combinations for before the timer is finished!