Bees and Honey

Through pleasing sounds, and fun graphics, your child can hone his/her mousing skills!

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While Playing: 
  • Sit with your child while doing this activity. Encourage your child to touch the bee on the screen with his/her finger before using the mouse to do the same.
  • Encourage your child to look at the screen while using the mouse, as opposed to looking at the mouse or his/her hand. (Similar to the "don't look down at your feet while you drive" kind of idea).
  • There are many ways to help strengthen your child's fine motor skills.Punching, pulling, and rolling playdough help children develop strong hand muscles therefore enabling them to perform tasks that require good fine motor skills.
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Becoming computer savvy is important in today's times. Young children lack the fine motor skills needed in order to manipulate the mouse for many games and activities. This activity helps children master the mouse through three distinct levels.

In the first level, the child simply plays with mouse movements, and has to touch the cursor to 10 "bees" in order to progress to the next level. The second level strengthens "clicking" skills, and the third level encourages kids to "click and drag".

Through pleasing sounds, and fun graphics, your child can develop or improve existing mousing skills, while meeting certain expectations of the Ontario Curriculum.

Sr. Kindergarten


  • recognize and use some common forms of technology.
  • use familiar technology appropriately (e.g., overhead projectors, cassette recorders, computers)
  • identify familiar technological items and describe their use in daily life (e.g., telephone, videocassette recorder)
  • work with others in using technology (e.g., share tools; build as a group; work in pairs at the computer)
  • perform tasks requiring balance and co-ordination, precision, and perceptual skills
At-Home Activities: 
  • Practice your child's mousing skills using other games! Play with our "Nook Stories" where your child can affect animations simply by rolling over different illustrations. (Similar to the first level of the Bees and Honey activity).
  • Improving "clicking" skills can be lots of fun when playing with Polkaroo. Let your child play Polkaroo's Number Wonders, or Polkaroo's Awesome ABCs to practice "clicking".
  • Learning to "click and drag" can be frustrating when you lack the fine motor skills to do so. Practice these skills through "Reading Round Up" where your child will have the opportunity to circle words through "clicking and dragging".
  • If your child is having difficulties manipulating the mouse, it may be helpful for you to put your hand on the mouse first, then encourage your child to put his/her hand on top of yours so that they can feel how you are moving your hand in order to make things happen.