Animal Where?

Animal Where? is a great way to teach your kids all about animal habitats. This activity weaves math concepts with science while strengthening problem solving skills.

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While Playing: 
  • Studies have shown that when you play with your child you help to make connections that will help your child achieve academic success later on in life.
  • Take turns playing the Animal Where? game. Ask your child questions like, "where do you think this animal goes", or "what other kinds of animals do you think would live here?" 
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing Animal Where? helps your child strengthen sorting and problem-solving skills while learning about animal habitats.

This game meets many expectations from the Ontario Full Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program, including:

Science and Technology:

Demonstrate an awareness of the natural and built environment through hands-on investigation, observations, questions and representations of their findings.

Sort and classify groups of living and non living things in their own way.

At-Home Activities: 
  • Print out the worksheet found in the "View the Guide" area and do it with your child. Draw pictures of the animals for the habitats, or find pictures of animals from magazines that you can cut out and paste in the right boxes.
  • Visit your local library with your child. Take out books on the different animal habitats that are interesting to your child, and look through the books together.
  • Make animal puppets! Find small-medium pictures of animals that you can cut out. Glue the animal on to card stock or light cardboard. Once the picture is dry, glue a popsicle stick onto the back of the animal. Make a puppet theatre using construction paper, light cardboard (like a cereal box) and markers. Have fun!