The Amazing Journey

Find your way through the maze and discover the five senses.

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While Playing: 
  • Mazes are a great way to teach problem-solving skills. Challenge your children to see if they can find their way through the maze without hitting a dead end!
  • Take turns going through the mazes with your child. See who can get the best score!
Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

While your child figures his/her way through the different mazes of The Amazing Journey, he/she will also learn some amazing facts about the five senses!  This game meets many expectations in multiple grades, one of which is:

Science: Understanding Life Systems

Your child will develop an understanding of the function of human body systems and how these systems can meet our basic needs.

At-Home Activities: 
  • You can print off your own mazes simply by clicking on the "extras" button in The Amazing Journey game. Print off a few copies of the same one and have a super-challenge with friends or family!
  • Challenge yourself and your child to create your own mazes. Using large-squared graph paper is a great way to help your child learn about making mazes.
  • Play the "No Peeking" game.Blindfold your child and see how many found objects he/she can identify through touch alone!